Your Move

Quotes: Small removals, up to the size of a two bedroom flat, can be estimated over the telephone. Removals larger than this or removals to other parts of the UK would require our representative to visit your property to enable us to furnish you with a quotation. Alternatively please complete our online inventory form.

Your removal date: We carry out short notice removals but ideally 7 to 14 days notice can be required to secure a booking.

Misc items of furniture: Our crew will arrive with a toolkit, which will enable them to dismantle and erect furniture that may not fit through doorways or narrow hallways. Doors can be removed and replaced to enable the safe removal of large items of furniture, for example a settee or a sofa bed. Sash windows can be removed to able our crew to manoeuvre large items of furniture down to the ground. Advance notice is required if you need this service.

Pianos: Require at least three men to remove them. Please advise in advance if this service is required.